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"Are You Listening"
Congratulations! You have found what’s needed to develop a great relationship with your dog, a fellow pack animal. Tools! Yes, tools. Not the type you buy from the hardware store, but knowledge tools. When you get a new computer program, you need to know how to make it work; when you get a dog, you need to know their language so you can ask them to cooperate with you, willingly.

If your dog is showing symptoms of being “in charge” such as:
Barking incessantly
Jumping up
Separation anxiety
Barging through doorways
Pulling on the leash
Then, it’s time to take back that role of leader, but in a kind and respectful way. You do not flex your muscles and “win” the respect of your dog. Your dog will fear you, not respect you,which can have serious consequences for both you and your dog.
Penny Locke Canine Behaviour Petaluma
Penny at work.

Discover the language that helps your dog to thrive in a world it simply does not understand. You will consistently prove to your dog, that you will take care of any decisions that need to be made, because you are the best qualified to do so.
Your dog needs YOU to learn this language, now.  Sound Advice.