My dog training journey began in 1995 when I adopted my first dog from Golden Gate Labrador Rescue in San Francisco.  Jordan was a sweet 2-year-old yellow Labrador. He became my constant companion, but, while he excelled in obedience classes, he barked fiercely when people came to our front door.  This was a turning point for me, I knew I needed help.  I decided to learn everything I could about the language of dogs in order to help Jordan.  After studying with mentors from all over the world, and applying everything I learned in real-life situations, in 2002. I launched my own dog training business: All About Canines.  What I teach honors the dog, is positive and smart, and will enhance every relationship between dog and owner.

I am excited to teach you about the amazing language of canines.  Learning this language enables us to live in harmony with our canines companions, and help them reach their full potential.  Fortunately our canines' language is universal, which means I can help you and your dog, wherever you live.

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