Penny Locke do trainer at home with her dog Bella


My journey to becoming a dog trainer began in 1995 when I adopted my first dog from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue located in the San Francisco Bay area.  Jordan was a sweet 2-year-old yellow Labrador. He became my constant companion, but, while he excelled in obedience classes, he barked fiercely when people came to our front door.  


Jordan's behavior was beyond my control and understanding.  I was feeling frustrated, embarrassed, I needed help.  I had opened a Pandora's box in seeking training help.  So many different approaches, attitudes, and bottom line I loved my dog, but I wasn't going to bully him into submission.  I wanted to work with him to become his guardian, leader & CEO. It turns out, it's not about obedience at all, but about him needing guidance, leadership, and not needing to have a care in the world!  I met and worked with trainers from different parts of the globe, and found I wanted to learn everything I could about dogs, to be able to help Jordan.  It took only a short time before I started helping friends and family with their dogs.  I gained further experience as a volunteer at the Humane Society in Novato; and All About Canines was born.   


My "dog training" education continues, thanks to on-going webinars and conferences, available worldwide, as well as the dogs and their owners I meet through my work.  Just like training your dog never ends, neither does my desire to increase my knowledge, so I may help the next dog I meet.