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Living with & Training Puppies!  

You'll be needing a lot of support during this vital developmental time for your puppy.  This 'Imprinting time' ends around 14weeks of age. Everything they have experienced until then, good and bad, sticks for life!


So, getting this part right will serve you both well.  Having a happy, solid, grounded dog, makes for a more relaxed life with a dog.  They start by getting used to their new home, where to go potty, what they can and can't bite, chew, eat, sleep on, climb on make noise about. Getting used to being around people of all types and ages.  There's a lot they don't understand.  I will teach you about identifying your puppy's needs verses wants. Our dogs are the sum of what they experience. 


I'll be teaching you techniques and protocols giving your puppy have a healthy start & help you and your family get things right for your puppy to grow up healthy and happy.   



4 x 1-hour sessions per month

$200 monthly subscription


Please use my contact me form to schedule an appointment.  

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