Puppy training
Puppy training



When your puppy stays with Penny for 2-weeks, she will begin teaching your puppy essential skills you'll want your puppy to know for life!  These default behaviors include sitting nicely to be fed, patience at a doorway, not jumping up to greet someone, not biting humans and house training.  Teaching impulse control at an early age, allows us to capture that all important imprinting time, which translates into habits for life.

Puppies need to be at least 9 weeks old, have had at least 2 sets of shots.  They will be living with Penny, in the house, playing with gentle, older dogs, and experiencing life while being trained up for their new home. 


Penny will keep you posted on your puppy's progress with photos and videos.  You are invited to learn the basics from Penny that will allow you to carry on your puppy's training once they return home.  


2-week Puppy Board & Train: £1000 / $1400*  

(* This includes continued support for the life of your puppy via email, text, phone and as needed, in-person visits.)