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Success Stories

I am happy to provide success stories my clients have shared. I invite you to read how my training has improved their relationship with their dog! I'd love for you to share your own experience with your friends and family on Facebook, Google, or Yelp.

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Penny is very skillful and kind. She's great not just with dogs but with people too. Our pup is nervous around people, but immediately warmed up to her. She helped us prepare for our rescue dog even before she arrived, really set us up for success with so many knowledgeable tips. Every issue we had, she had experience with. We would have struggled so much without her, and not even known how much easier things could be. Now we have an amazing relationship with our dog who we trust and who trusts us! Thanks Penny! Bonus: our dog LOVES her homemade treat recipe.

— Dylan Q.

We absolutely recommend Penny. She has helped us sooo much with our 1+ year old rescue dog who had lived on the street. Penny has given us practical, EXTREMELY helpful foundational training that has changed the way I view communicating with my dog. I wish I’d had her in my life sooner for my previous dog! There were multiple times where my partner and I said out loud, that we are so grateful to Penny and we don’t know what we would have done without her.

— Jennie P.

We went to Penny after rescuing an 8-month-old Weimaraner/Lab mix. Penny is extremely knowledgable and helped us tailor our behavior and training to ensure the most successful results. Penny's guidance has made us more knowledgable, comfortable and confident training our pup and her advice resulted in immediate changes in our dog's behavior.

For context, our dog was part of a litter that was dropped on the side of the road at 7 months old and picked up by a shelter. At the time we rescued him (one week after entering the shelter), he was not house broken, leashed trained or comfortable with other humans and animals.

We began working with Penny a few days after rescuing him. After one week and two (virtual) sessions with Penny, the dog has had no accidents in the house, is comfortable meeting new people and exhibits completely different behavior.

If you are taking on training your dog on your own, Penny is a must. She is a people trainer. We have seen more dramatic and rewarding results after talking with Penny than we have had with any of our previous dogs who have worked with other trainers directly. We have also found Penny's approach to training to be much easier to maintain -- it is less time consuming and less emotionally demanding.

— Richard Y.

Penny was very helpful in helping me understand how my actions were affecting my dog and what my dog’s behavior indicated she was thinking. We saw noticeable differences after using her suggestions.

— Wendy G.

If you need help/advice training your dog, I can highly recommend All About Canines. A very Grateful client.

— Mark D.

We were a little unsure about Zoom dog training, but Penny came with a glowing review so we tried her out with our new rescue. Let's just say, without Penny we'd be in the dog house. She has been so helpful with not only training our new rescue, but understanding her, which have made our bond with our dog that much better. She has videos, and excellent advice every week, and we have a dog we love. Really can't say more than if you are considering a dog trainer, I think Penny is excellent.

— Matthew C.

We have been working with Penny over Zoom for the past few weeks to help train our new puppy, and she has been amazing! My husband and I are first time dog owners who recently rescued a 3 month old chihuahua poodle, and so we had a lot to learn. Penny has taught us the basics of potty training, curing separation anxiety, and shaping our puppy into the perfect companion. It's been wonderful getting advice from the comfort of our home especially during this difficult time. If you have a new furry friend, we highly recommend virtual puppy training with Penny!

— Coral M.

Penny is amazing. She came to my house for a personal training lesson so she could see my lil Princess Leila's environment. I rescued a foster dog with some bad habits so we have some issues, but nothing big. She taught me what I was doing that was misguiding my lil Princess and I couldn't be happier with her training. I am already seeing improvements and was seeing them the first day she came. She's a miracle worker, and the kindest person I have ever met.

— Lynne S.

I want to follow up a couple years later. Thanks to our early work with Penny, we have the happiest, friendly, well-socialized dog around. People often comment on his behavior because he's so full of energy, and yet, clearly under voice control and intensely obedient and happy!

— Benjamin B.
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Thanks to a dog, I am now a trainer. Learning everything I can about what makes a dog tick, respond, act, and react makes me a better and intentional trainer. I strive for the results you dream of, one dog at a time, one day at a time. I am on the dog's side and am bold enough to tell you when things could be better. I have 2 dogs; Briar, an 8 year old Borzoi, and Hope, a 2 year old Black Labrador, who came to me as a career change year old puppy from Guide dogs. Let's change the course of your dog's life, soon!

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Teaching people how to live successfully with their canine companions
My Approach

Knowing how dogs learn makes training easier. Learning through mentors and trainers who came before me has been invaluable in deciding what makes training successful. As your coach, I will empathize and encourage you to get the best from your individual, unique companion dog using kind, effective techniques.

We train at your dog's pace to achieve lasting results. Training your dog is a family affair that can enhance respect and build a closer bond beyond that previously experienced.

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Penny is very skillful and kind. She’s great not just with dogs but with people too. Our pup is nervous around people but immediately warmed up to her. She helped us prepare for our rescue dog even before she arrived, really set us up for success with so many knowledgeable tips.—Dylan Q.
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