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Rescue Dog Support

Congratulations! You've adopted a new family member from a shelter, rescue organization, or foster home. Thank you for giving them a second chance. Did they come with references, a CV, or resume? Unfortunately, this is unlikely. 

Whatever their backstory, I will coach you as you help your dog adjust to new home surroundings, and learn house rules. Our work will include behavioral interpretation and advice to help your new family member settle in successfully. 

Getting Started With Your Package

We will begin our work together with a virtual consultation to discuss your areas of concern. I will make observations, and then map out the best steps forward together.

After purchasing your session(s), please fill out the Release Form below and email a signed
version to [email protected]. Upon submitting your signed & dated Release form, we will schedule your first training session.

Release Form

Package Options

2 x 1 Hour Sessions



4 x 1 Hour Sessions



Triage / Preliminary Session

There are a couple of reasons why a single training session, offered via Zoom, may be what you need.

Triage! Oh dear, what have I done! I'm feeling overwhelmed, or an incident happened, and I need to talk to a pro, to get us back on the right path.

A Preliminary Session. You're undecided if the way I teach is right for you, so you'd like to try it out for size. Or, your budget allows for a single session purchase now, and you'll buy additional sessions later.

1 x 1 Hour Session


Get to Know Penny Locke

Thanks to a dog, I am now a trainer. Learning everything I can about what makes a dog tick, respond, act, and react makes me a better and intentional trainer. I strive for the results you dream of, one dog at a time, one day at a time. I am on the dog's side and am bold enough to tell you when things could be better. I have 2 dogs; Briar, an 8 year old Borzoi, and Hope, a 2 year old Black Labrador, who came to me as a career change year old puppy from Guide dogs. Let's change the course of your dog's life, soon!

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The owner’s lacrosse stick helps the ball go further for Bear!
Teaching people how to live successfully with their canine companions
My Approach

Knowing how dogs learn makes training easier. Learning through mentors and trainers who came before me has been invaluable in deciding what makes training successful. As your coach, I will empathize and encourage you to get the best from your individual, unique companion dog using kind, effective techniques.

We train at your dog's pace to achieve lasting results. Training your dog is a family affair that can enhance respect and build a closer bond beyond that previously experienced.

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Thanks to our early work with Penny, we have the happiest, friendly, well socialized dog around. People often comment on his behavior because he’s so full of energy, and yet, clearly under voice control and intensely obedient and happy!—Benjamin B.
Based in Santa Rosa California, serving clients both locally & around the world.