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Penny Locke, specializes in helping dog owners affect positive behavior change in their dogs.  Her training is kind, clear and you will see improvements immediately.  This training is for the whole family.  
With nearly 20 years experience training people how to transform their dog's behavior.  By understanding how a dog learns, adults and kids alike will build trust, cooperation & train better behaviors from your dog. Gone are your frustrations, replaced by confidence and results! 
Penny also helps dog professionals how to read and understand dog behavior or 'language', in order to help these professionals become the best trainers and advocates, with positive attitudes & a deep understanding for all dogs, 
We all want our dogs to be well behaved and thrive in our care. Change in behavior is possible when we give our dogs clear and positive guidance. No matter how difficult your current situation, there are things you can do to improve and alleviate behaviors such as: incessant barking, separation anxiety, pulling on the leash, jumping up, poor recall, not listening, anxiety and biting.
If a dog’s undesirable behavior causes injury to others or their property, both owner and dog can suffer severe consequences as a result. Fortunately, Penny can help you create an environment where your dog not only listens, but wants to cooperate.
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